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Kimo Berlin's story

Kimo Berlin is an independent fashion label, that creates high-quality modern-day kimonos.  The thoughtful designs follow function to shape clothing items that can easily reinvent themselves. 

Elegance meets comfort the same way Japan meets Germany. The traditional Japanese kimonos have been reinvented to adapt to modern living. The versatile items are created as unisex pieces.

The brand was founded early 2019 by Nana Schmitz, young designer from Paris, living in Berlin since 2015. Nana chose to leave school at 17, and finish her studies independently. She lived around the world and spent two years in Asia, which not only influenced her way of living, but also her taste and fashion creations. Nana developed a passion for the Japanese culture, which she admires for its elegance and the way the Japanese make an Art of common every day activities. 

Kimo Berlin is the sum of all the experiences and cultural influences Nana has lived. It's the story of a vision, a vision where everyone would see the small beauties of life, and start thinking about clothing in a different way. Clothing that can easily be reinvented, yet is practical, elegant and unique.

Every piece is handmade in Europe. Materials are carefully sourced and selected to guarantee the best quality and comfort.

nana schmitz smiling portrait picture for kimo berlin black and white

 Nana Schmitz - Instagram @nana.schmitz

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