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About Us

Kimo Berlin is an independent fashion label, that creates high-quality modern-day kimonos. The thoughtful designs follow function to shape clothing items that can easily reinvent themselves.

Elegance meets comfort the same way Japan meets Germany. The traditional Japanese kimonos reinvented to adapt to modern living. The versatile items are created as unisex pieces.

It all started in early 2019 in Berlin, a city constantly evolving, flooded with people from the whole world wanting to live in the capital of techno, where life is sweet.

It happens in a world where people are hopping on planes every weekend, working from beaches, where being vegetarian is cool and where we are getting more conscious about the world around us.

Our impact is important and the critical mass will ultimately be the tangent deciding our future

With Kimo Berlin, a young designer called Nana is creating clothing that is multi-purpose. The goal is to think about sustainability in a different way: 

Buy less, buy quality, but also buy functionality.. multi-functionality!

We design clothing to be versatile, and worn in many different situations. When we collectively think of sustainability, we tend to forget about this factor.

At Kimo Berlin, not only do we source materials locally and every item is made in Europe, we also think of sustainability right at the start of the design process.

Used as a morning gown, at the beach, or in the evening breeze, your kimo will style and protect you wherever you go.

Of course every piece is unisex, because, why would your partner not wear it too? It makes traveling lighter! Our clothing is designed and cut to allow men and women's bodies to feel at ease and look awesome.

The first model, "EVERYDAY" is inspired by the traditional Japanese Haori garment. 

The brand was founded by Nana Schmitz, young designer from Paris, living in Berlin since 2015. 

Her travels around the world and her years in Asia, influenced her way of living, as much as her taste and thinking process about fashion.

Nana developed a passion for the Japanese culture, which she admires for its elegance and the way the Japanese make an Art of common everyday activities.

You can find Nana on Instagram @nana.schmitz were she often posts about her working process.

Nana enjoys photography, movies and reading, a lot! She finds her inspiration especially in poetry. In the weekends, she paints in her garage, where she has a small atelier and you might see this reflect in the future items for Kimo Berlin.

This project is the sum of all the experiences and cultural influences Nana has lived. It's the story of a vision, a vision where everyone would see the small beauties of life, and start thinking about clothing in a different way. Clothing that can easily be reinvented, yet is practical, elegant and unique.

The next collection will be created in collaboration with local Artists and with organic, fair-trade fabrics.

This is also a call for graphic designers, tattoo artists and painters out there, who wish to collaborate - feel free to drop us an email at!

You can also find us on Pinterest and on Facebook.