The Story behind kimo

Kimo Berlin is a fashion brand that specializes in the creation of kimonos for a playful life. The designs are refined and comfortable. By using special colors and motifs, Kimo Berlin’s kimonos transform any look into an absolute eye-catcher with a unique style.

Meet the Maker

nana schmitz founder

Nana Schmitz has been thinking about making Kimonos for the last two years. She enjoys fashion since her childhood, especially pieces you can combine with anything, and still make you look unique and elegant.

"As I've traveled a lot, I always liked to have comfortable yet cool clothing you can use as an accessory and that looks good with anything. I was looking for kimonos online and I didn't find any sleek and modern ones, that were good quality too."

Nana Schmitz, grew up in the capital of fashion, Paris. She remembers:

"I quickly developed a sense for beautiful materials and elegant cuts. I often visited my family in Italy, which brought dynamism and eccentricity to my taste and I started experimenting with colours and motifs."

This passion for beautiful clothing grew while she lived in Asia. "Women express who they are through their appearance, as much as with Art or Music. Our fashion represents our way of life and personality."

After several attempts starting her own business, she realized her need to pursue the development of a meaningful and unique enterprise, a project she would enjoy and take at heart.

With independent and busy people she admires in mind, she looked to create items every man and woman could love, feel comfortable in and personalize.

"I always keep my clothing for an extremely long time and remember with whom and where I got them. I believe each clothing item should be of high quality and have multiple purposes. Objects can reinvent themselves! Following this idea I developed a kimono, which will dress-up any plain pullover, jeans or evening gown."

Nana designs for the independent, the strong, the busy and cool about it.

"I find courageous people that say what they think and stay true to themselves very inspiring. The ones that accept that having fun is part of life, and that mistakes are part of the game, are the ones I like to hangout with and design for."

Design & Inspiration

nana schmitz working

Inspired by the festival styles and the lust for pleasure, uniqueness and personality, Nana developed her first kimono.

"In Berlin I find people pursue their love for themselves and for others in a way that they simply live and let live. Whether on parties or on the streets, expressing yourself with colours and originality is praised! Kimo Berlin's kimonos are a wink to this lifestyle. I hope people will value the joy simplicity in life can bring, of course while wearing original kimonos."

Nana has now started working with small manufacturers in Europe and is planning further designs with fellow Berlin Artists.

Want to be a part of Kimo Berlin?

We are constantly looking for collabs: models, photographs, and artists. Reach out to

Kimo Berlin's values

SUSTAINABILITY. The word that is in every mouth of the fashion industry today, in 2020, is sustainability. There are many aspects we take into consideration and it’s a value we empower in our decisions every day. Our labels and packaging are in recycled materials and we design multifunctional clothing, which you will keep for a long time.

QUALITYWe chose materials and bias based on their quality and longevity. We design clothing we would wear ourselves, this is a value we can't do without. Our kimonos are made to last, and we are paying a big attention to the finishes. Contact us if you are in Berlin and would like to have a try on before buying!

DIVERSITYOur kimonos are designed to look beautiful on everybody. All our designs are unisex. We like people the way they are and it is cool to see how people combine and style the basic pieces. We are starting with 3 colors, which match most hair and skin colors. We are from Berlin, a melting pot of cultures and that's why we strive to work with people with a certain openness of mind.