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Our Kimonos

EVERYDAY is Kimo Berlin's first model. With its simple cut and great feel you won't want to take it off anymore. The kimono is designed as a hybrid piece matching jeans, dresses, or your favourite yoga outfit. Simply thrown over, or with a belt, the EVERYDAY kimono is elegant and timeless. Our clientèle also loves to wear at home, as a comfy, light and feminine dressing gown. 

The everyday kimono is Kimo Berlin's first ever kimono model. The cut is simple and relatively short for a kimono. The design is unisex and the everyday kimono is available in blue, red, olive, rose, lavender and black. 

We love to combine everyday kimono with multiple styles. In our pictures you can see the diversity of clothing it can be combined with. This item is so practical you won't stop wearing it! 

Accessorize it with a Belt or a neckless, even above a shirt, an evening dress or your pyjamas, it instantly makes you look unique.